Our wood pellets are 100% American! Our raw materials are sourced from the pristine woodlands of Connecticut. Our manufacturing facility is also located in Connecticut. Manchester Wood Pellets are made by American workers in America!

The cheapest wood pellets use sawmill and construction waste, which can contain chemical lubricants, toxins and known carcinogens.

The quality of the raw materials is critical in the wood pellet manufacturing process. Manchester Wood Pellets uses 100% natural hard wood from the forests of Connecticut.

Manchester Wood Pellets have a high bulk density, which improves flavor by providing more smoke flavor.

Most wood pellet manufacturers rely on sawmill waste as their main raw materials source for manufacturing barbecue pellets for pellet grills. Sawmill waste (which include fines and planar shavings), also known as “residuals,” frequently contain chemical lubricants and other additives which can be toxic and carcinogenic. The cheapest pellets you might see at a big box retailer can sometimes contain construction and demolition waste.

No. There is no regulation, so consumers must trust representations made by the manufacturer. The key risk to consumers is that the pellets they buy might be contaminated with toxic materials.

Pellet durability, ash content, moisture content and bulk density are measures of overall pellet quality. Manchester Wood Pellets are manufactured with very low ash content and high bulk density. For pellet grilling, high pellet bulk density yields more smoke – and that means more flavor.

There is a large oversupply of hard wood fiber available in Connecticut. Manchester Wood Pellets converts a wood waste stream into a value-added consumer product.

100% of our wood pellets are manufactured at our plant in Manchester, Connecticut. Our facility was previously an animal feed pelleting operation which we have converted into a wood pellet manufacturing facility. All of our raw materials come from the forests of Connecticut, so we’re all about creating manufacturing jobs in our state.

Yes, we sell them via our retail site, www.blazingpellets.com

Pellet grills offer superior flavor vs. gas and propane grills. In addition, they offer greater control over temperature vs. a traditional charcoal grill. With a pellet grill, you get natural wood smoke flavor with total control over temperature.

We won’t comment here on which grills are best, but here are links to the manufacturers we like best?

There are many varieties of pellet grills available. Some are designed primarily for low-temperature cooking, while others are more versatile.