Our History

The founders of Manchester Wood Pellets live for good barbecue and we’re on a mission to provide a superior barbecue wood pellet made only from the finest natural ingredients.

We know that good barbecue requires the right fuel. That’s why we’ve developed a new kind of super-premium wood pellet – one that’s made entirely from green hardwood chips. Our forestry partners carefully select the finest oak, maple and hickory timber for processing at our plant.

The founders of Manchester Wood Pellets

Most of our competitors (particularly manufacturers of the cheapest pellets) use sawmill and construction waste materials, which can contain toxins and carcinogens.We’re partnered with local foresters who provide us with 100% natural wood chips from the forests of Connecticut. When you barbecue with Manchester Wood Pellets, you can rest assured that our product is free of contaminants.

Focused on environmental

We’re also focused on environmental sustainability, which means that we only use wood waste from sustainable forestry operations.